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How do they sound? Over 2,000 fiddlers, violinists, violists and cellists are now using our Incredibows! They find they produce great tone, are easier to use, have no "hair noise" and quicker response - and now with "quick to grab" hair and awesome frog. Incredible!

Available styles and colors:

Cherry Wood Effect
Aurorabow Realis
Naked Graphite
Classic Black
Cobalt Blue
Cherry Wood Effect


Aurorabow Realis


Naked Graphite



Classic Black


Cobalt Blue

Above standard violin bows are available in either featherweight or traditonal weight

Least expensive - Most durable - Graphite
This color is just the naked bow stick. It looks good, is lightest in weight, easy to keep clean. More and more musicians are ordering this bow and least expensive as "no frills" option
Reguarding graphite: a smart color and one favored by many musicians who believe that any coating on the bow will change or reduce the tonal quality of the instrument being played.

"Reignbow Ripple" Incredibow:

Another AWESOME stick color available on any Incredibow! This is our third offering in the holographic color options. Bright shiny chrome looking stick with repeating 3-D ripple patterns that change shape and texture as well as reflect rainbow colors as bow moves at various angles. As with many of our colors, the photos don't capture the vibrancy, depth and brilliance displayed in real life. (Normally this will be a custom option).

NOTE: Bow shown below is a Cellobow; also available in violin, viola or Bassbow options.


Custom Color Choices:
For $30 additional, any person ordering an Incredibow can choose a stick color from more than 150 color options!. We've converted all bows from a painted or lacquered stick to one covered by attractive, durable PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) film or "skin". this covering is made for outdoor use and has a life of 8 to 10 years in harsh outdoor environments! Who knows how long it will last in the protected indoor environment without harsh sun and weather?

This PVC bow stick skin is less likely to mar or get scratched, won't chip or crack; won't wear down or fade like paint. It's easy to wipe clean, is waterproof and even feels good when handling it! We have Chosen premium brand materials and below please find photos of complete color charts and options. However, it can still get bruised with rough use! If you tend to be hard on bows, you may consider our "naked graphite" - With a very durable, scratch-resistant surface. And if you don't mind having a basic appearance - Our "no frills" bow for $125 plus shipping is the best bow at the lowest price.

This PVC film is just that, a very thin opaque film which is permanently attached to the stick.

We now have three classes of finishes (in addition to the bare graphite): 1. The opaque solid colors; 2. The metallic finishes, and 3. The holographic finishes. Colors and details are below.

White - 010

Black - 070

Red Brown - 079

Cardinal Red - 028

Water Blue 503

Deep Orange 332

Firebow - Holographics

Aurorabow Realis - Holographics

Gold - 9953
Chrome - 9910

Cobalt - 2240

Burgundy - 2218

Wintermint - 2238

Above are pics of SOME OF the large rolls of material we currently have on hand for stick colors. Six on the left are solid colors; six on the right are holographics and metallics. Stardust is also available, pictured on the bottom.

Also check out our wood and stone options !

Light Oak

Dark Walnut

Black Marble

White Marble


OK we know that a stone looking bow stick may seem crazy but crazy thinking is not new with us. We think that a black marble bow stick with black frog and gold trim IS awesome!

Holographic Options
Two options for bow sticks are PVC skin made with lasers creating holographic patterns which break any light into the primary colors of the rainbow. The Firebow has crystalline pieces which create flashes or bright sparkles of color as the bow is moved; the Aurorabow Realis generates larger rainbow patterns the full length of the bow. Both bows appear to be generating the light from within, but it is merely the reflected light from any ambient or spotlight or sunlight

Firebow option - Custom option

Aurorabow Realis - Standard color option.


Metalic Sparkle Options
A wonderful softer vinyl material much like an upholstery material, but very thin and lightweight. Color chart below.

Dark blue sparkles - Cobalt on chart above - Standard option

Aqua blue sparkles - Wintermint on chart above - Custom option

Opaque Color Options for Custom Bow Colors

Solid gloss colors for bows. Again, a gloss colored film with many color options. Favorites at this time are red-brown, black and white. The pics may look grainy but that is a function of the pixels on the camera and the small size of the color chart. (magnified here) The real finish is pure, solid color.

"Metallic" Color Options for Custom Bows Colors

Bright Brass

Looking like solid brass, this stick is awesome!
Note: We make the frog and tip in different colors, but more limited in options. We use black most frequently, or white, blue (two shades), yellow and red.

A violin bow you can REALLY get a grip on! (Comfortably)
Available in traditional 29" length - balanced, weight approximate 50 -55 grams or in featherweight style - about 30 - 35 grams (barely one ounce!)
Just developed! "modified octagonal grip" on all standard Incredibows now being shipped effective 8/01/05. (Pictured below)
Has 4 flat surfaces (top, bottom, both sides) and 4 rounded surfaces (on diagonals).
Now with wider hair band for greater volume, tone and control!
All our Incredibows feature a rubberized covering on frog and tip area - this material is designed for comfort, good grip ability and long wear! All bows covered with black rubber though we can do other colors of rubber by request.

We warrant the stick and hair to function well for at least three years without need of replacement. Satisfaction warranted; full money back within 30 days' return of bow from time of receipt if you are simply not satisfied with he bow. Nothing else like it in the world!

Please email us for more information on orders
Special orders please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.
Prices start at $125



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