Russ Weeks &
"MO' Country"

MO Country

MO COUNTRY is a group led by Russ Weeks, owner of Weeks Music in Buffalo, Missouri. MO Country’s eclectic sound incorporates covers of artists as diverse as Patsy Cline and ZZ Top, as well as original material. A typical set list includes not only current and classic country hits, but also bluegrass, southern rock, and fiddle tunes. MO Country’s sheer versatility, virtuosity, and showmanship combine to create a listening experience not soon forgotten.



RUSS WEEKS is the band leader and primary lead singer for MO Country. He is a 30+ year veteran of the music business, experienced in all aspects of teaching, performing, recording, sales, repair and sound work. Russ has toured nationally with his wife and son as “The Three Weeks” for the Bureau of Lectures and Concert Artists Inc.; played churches and festivals with “Mount Zion”; opened the stage for Eddie Rabbitt and appeared at numerous fairs and concerts across the country;


SKYLA WEEKS was a vocal major in college and has a degree and teaching certificate for K through 12 Vocal and Instrumental. She has taught in public schools and given private lessons for the last 20 years. Skyla is an accomplished pianist and bassist as well as playing trumpet and mandolin. Her rich vocals have a genuinely classic sound.


NIKKI O'CALLAGHAN has been playing music since the age of 6, starting off with piano, and soon moving to any musical instrument she could find. She developed a deep love for music and wanting to share that love with others, she started teaching at age 13. The band has voted her "MVP" (Most Valuable Player) because of the many times she changes instruments during a show. Her strong vocals will take you from Carrie Underwood to Dolly Parton and back again.


BOB GUYMON started his musical journey at age four with the trumpet. Over the years, he developed an interest and a love for all musical instruments. He has played many different styles of music such as country, blues, old rock and roll, and playing in pit bands at a theatre in Paris Texas.


SCOTT HAMMERBACHER played drums from a very early age. Performing with his high school band at Raytown South, near Kansas City, MO, through his stint at UMKC, and then on to play keyboard and drums on the Dennis Lee Show. Playing across the North American Continent, where they worked major fairs and were opening act for legendary artists such as Lee Greenwood, The Beach Boys and many others. Scott is a wonderful songwriter, as well as musician and his extraordinary vocals truly enhance the MO Country sound.


CHRIS & KRISTIE HORN have brought their bass and vocal talents back to MO Country. Leaving on and off over the years has done nothing to break the connection between them and the band. Chris being the "backbone" of the rhythm section with his outstanding bass playing, and Kristie with her high lead and harmony vocals will surely leave you wanting more.


SPECIAL GUEST BRETT DUDENHOEFFER is not a regular on the MO Country stage just yet. He has to make sure his homework is done first! At age 9, Brett is already playing fiddle, mandolin and guitar on stage and even doing a vocal number once in a while. He always makes the audience wonder; "What's next?!"


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